Fleet Washing System

FleetCHAMP™ Drive-Thru Fleet Wash System


Why The FleetCHAMP™

This unique Drive-Thru System, ideal for car dealers, vehicle fleets, parking lots, etc. will fit in the same space as most In-Bay automatics yet processes four times more vehicles per hour. Plus, its simple mechanical design is easy to maintain. No computer engineer needed here! All this and the FleetChamp™ is still priced comparable to much slower and more complex in-bay automatics.

Standard features:

  • Washes cars-pickups-vans
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 8 Basket Side to Side Mitter Curtain utilizing UHMW greaseless pivoting bearings
  • Flex Wrap a Rounds with Soft, quiet and Foam wash material
  • Bulit in water flooder/soaper arch
  • Final rinse with adjustable rinse aid injector
  • Guide rail utilizes UHMW outside guide rail
  • Pre wired and pre plumbed for easy installation
  • Heavy duty electric motors


Overall Height:10′ 7″
Overall Width:13′
System Length:25′
Standard Vehicle Clearance:96″
Wrap Bottom Dimensions:30″Hx48″ OD
Wrap Upper dimensions:48″Hx48″ Bottom x66″ Top OD
Side washers (Opt.):30″ Hx36″ ODx5″ Core
Mitter Curtain:8 Baskets, 144 cleaning strips

Bolt-Sleeve composition for added stability
Frame Stainless Steel Lifetime guarantee
Water Supply:1.5″@ 40 PSI
Maximum vehicle Size:90″Hx108″W
Electric Drive Motor loads:
(2)1.5 HP motors-Wrap a Rounds
5.3 Amps Each@208V
5.0 Amps Each @240V/2.5 Amps Each@460V
(1)1.5 HP motors-Curtains
2.1 Amps Each@208V
5.0 Amps Each@240V
2.5 Amps Each@460V
(2)1/2 HP motors-Side Washers(Option)
2.3 Amps Each@208V
2.2Amps Each @240V
1.1 Amps Each@460
A. Activation Switch
B. Roller Guide Rail
C. Soap Foamer Pod
D. 8 Basket Side to Side Mitter Curtain
E. Flex Wrap a Rounds(Foam Washing Material)
F. Single Rinse Arch


  • Tire Dresser
  • Under Body Rinse
  • Dryer System
  • Lower Side Washers

Superior ™ , reserves the right to make improvements on product, and change specification and prices accordingly without notice.