Over & Under Conveyor

OVERCONVEYERThe SUPERIOR CAR WASH SYSTEMS heavy-duty Over and Under Conveyor is “Overbuilt” when it comes to industry standards. This means it’s engineered to provide years of trouble-free service under the toughest operating conditions. All our outstanding conveyors are designed with ease of maintenance mind.


  • Standard painted carbon steel
  • Standard12-1/2″ wire tire guide(custom available)
  • Standard 3″ UHMW angle on driver side(for rim’s protection)


  • Standard X458 chain & Butterfly rollers
  • Available with other choices of chain and rollers
  • Standard 7′-4″ roller spacing
  • Optional 3′-6″ roller spacing


  • Air/Hydraulic cushion ride, prolongs the life of chain & rollers
  • Automatic Air/Hydraulic chain tension and release
  • Heco gearbox and Char-Lynm or Parker hydraulic motor
  • 2 1/2″ Air cylinder for roller on demand function
  • Smooth and quiet roller door operation


  • Vehicle Clearance-4 1/2″
  • Shipping weight-1000lbs Per 10′ section