Fastrac In-Bay Mini Tunnel

fasttrack in belt1
fasttrack in bay3


A. Roller Wheel Correlator
B. Tunnel Controller
C. 45′ Surface or Over n Under Conveyor With Hydraulic Power Pack
D. Activation Switch
E. Soap Foamer Pod
F. 8 Basket Side to Side Mitter Curtain
G. Tri Color Foam Applicator with Chemical Station
H. Lower Side Washers(Cloth Washing Material)
I. Flex Wrap Rounds (Foam Washing Material)
J. Flashing Signs(Tri Foam/Sealer Wax)
K. Dual Rinse Arch with Chemical Station
L. Motor Control center
M. 45 Hp Blower Arch


  • Rear Wheel Push
  • Over n Under Conveyor
  • “Awesome” Tire Shiner System
  • Under Body Rinse and Flashing Sign
  • Auto Cashier with Gate
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Water Reclaim with Zero Discharge
  • Sign Package

Overall Height:10’7″
Overall Width:13′
System length:48′
Standard Vehicle Clearance:96″

Bolt-Sleeve composition for added stabilty
Frame Stainless Steel lifetime guarantee
Water Supply:1.5″@40 PSI
Maximum Vehicle Size:90″ Hx108″ W

Superior ™ , reserves the right to make improvements on product, and change specification and prices accordingly without notice.