Fastrac with Belt Conveyor

fasttrack in belt1

fasttrack in belt2

fasttrack in belt3
A. Tunnel Controller
B. Activation Switch
C. Soap Foamer Pod
D. 8 Basket Side to Side Mitter Curtain
E. Tri Color Foam Applicator with Chemical Station
F. Lower Side Washers (Cloth Washing Material)
G. Flex Wrap a Round (Foam Washing Material)
H. Flashing Signs (Tri Foam/ Sealer Wax)
I. Dual Rinse Arch with Chemical Station
J. Motor Control Center
K. 45 Hp Blower Arch


  • Under Body Rinse and Flashing Sign
  • Auto Cashier with Gate
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Water Reclaim with Zero Discharge
  • Sign Package

Overall Height: 10’ 7”
Overall Width: 13’
System Length: 48’
Standard Vehicle Clearance: 96”

Bolt-Sleeve Composition for added stability
Frame Stainless Steel lifetime guarantee
Water Supply: 1.5” @ 40 PSI
Maximum Vehicle Size: 90” H x 108” W