Rfid Readers



  • RFID system technology increases throughput
  • Build volume through subscription based accounts
  • Offer fleet customers post-billing based on usage
  • Tamper-resistant window tags are disabled if removed
  • Recurring billing functions available through Mercury Payment System

ReachFree ID Components:

    • RFID Window Tag-sample of the tag is shown below


  • Power Supply & Interface Board
  • Antenna-approximately 8” square and 1.5” deep
  • Mounting Bracket-mounting bracket accommodates a 3” to 8” diameter pole
  • Optional-8 foot RFID antenna mounting pole.
ReachFree ID, a Sierra software house account application designed to build car wash volume and increase throughput with secure, subscription-based wash accounts. Through the use of an RFID tag, the system approves the account holder and allows the vehicle to proceed into the tunnel or in-bay automatic.
Accounts can be set up with an unlimited number of washes for a monthly pass fee (with customizable use parameters). The tags give secure access to fleet account customers based on usage. The account holder may utilize a recurring billing function, offered through Mercury Payment System.
Flexible Integration
We have successfully integrated with these auto cashiers and tunnel controllers:

  • Auto Pilot
  • Hamilton HTK & ACW
  • Ryko Multi-Upgrade
  • Ryko AMTT & AMTT CS
  • Unitec Wash Select II
  • Unitec Enter link & E3000
  • MacNeil Tunnel Controllers
  • ISI Wash Soft
  • Kesseltronics RTC
  • Belanger Tunnel Controller
  • 3G’s Tunnel Controller
  • Standard Change
  • Jim Coleman Entry Wizard
  • DBR Site Watch
  • Auto Data

We are constantly testing other makes and models so if your equipment in not currently listed please contact us.

Easy Installation

Installation typically involves:

  • Pulling 3 Cat 6 cables
  • Mounting RFID Reader By Entry System
  • Mounting Kpres Wash Computer Box
  • Total time of about hours.
Full Administrative Website Included with System
General Benefits

  • Mange System(s) from Anywhere
  • Maintain a customer Database
  • Usage Alerts
  • System Error and Uptime Alerts
  • Multi Lane
  • Direct Deposit

Built In Recurring Billing

  • Unlimited Programs
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual
  • Payment Options
  • Fleet Programs
  • Prepaid Plans and Club Plans
  • Pay Per — — USE Plans
  • Wash Limits To Prevent Abuse


  • Wash logs By Date, Location, or All Locations
  • See All RFID Tags Read
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Expiring Credit Cards
  • Wash Revenue
  • Daily Summery Reports Delivered via Email
Windshield Mounted RFID Tag

  • Temper Resistant
  • Eliminates Abuse
  • Low Cost
  • Consistent Readability
  • Non Windshield Mount Tags
  • Credit Cards Size
  • Multi lane Available (Up to 4 Lanes)
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Direct Deposit
  • Mercury Payment Systems